Apologies for the lack of updates the last month. As some of you know, I took some time off in Jan/Feb to help my parents settle in here in CT. We moved them up because my father has some health things that would require more support over the long term, so having them close would make that easier. Fate had different ideas, though, and he had something more acute come up 2 months ago. So, between startup life and that, I’ve had very little free time to write. Things are settling down, so hopefully that gets back to normal. Appreciate all the kind words and support from the folks that have known what’s going on. I hope to get this new routine established over the holiday.

My update this week will be brief - the startup I’m at, Proof of Learn, officially launched our first product at the beginning of the month at Solana Breakpoint. If you’re a developer, and you’ve been curious about what you can do with blockchain technology, we’ve built a learning platform that can help you learn the underlying tech and on chain development, including Rust. Our business model is to help folks land work through an open credentialing process that itself leverages on-chain capabilities. Our courses will get you the skills in a way that employers can ultimately verify. We have users from all over the world at this point learning about Solana. Oh, and you can earn $100 for completing each Intermediate or Advanced course.

I’d appreciate it if you could check it out and send any feedback my way. The Advanced course projects are fun, and I’m working my way through those myself. Links below.

  • Metacrafters: The app where you can learn, earn, and land a job.
  • Whitepaper: Our whitepaper - if you’re wondering about the economics behind our earn model and how we can pay folks for completing the courses, look no further.
  • Metacrafters SOL Proof Launch Video: We showed this on stage at Solana Breakpoint. If you want a quick summary of the whole platform, including new capabilities coming next quarter and beyond, this is a good option.