Getting back on track, just a few days late this week. I hope you’ve all had a great couple of weeks. Mine has turned out ok, after a rough weekend fighting an illness and a family emergency (all is good now!).


  • The future of the office is the clubhouse: Thought this was a nice view of what offices can be in a world with more remote work.
  • Uber apparently hacked by teen, employees thought it was a joke: This is scary and funny at the same time.
  • Solana Security Workshop: An overview of security for Solana smart contracts. Haven’t run through this myself, yet, but this looks good.
  • Nielsen, Amazon Strike Three-Year Pact to Measure ‘Thursday Night Football’: This is a few weeks old, but has come up a few times in my reading when looking at how well Amazon is doing with Thursday Night Football. Ben Evans likes to say that “all of the questions in [streaming] are TV industry questions, not tech industry questions.” Every passing week seems to reinforce this idea. I wonder how this measurement is done - how much relies on surveys/sampling vs direct measurement. Likely doing what they did for TV Everywhere, but I admit I’m curious.
  • The Follower: An engineer built a tool that uses open surveillance cameras to determine where an Instagram photo was taken. Very creepy, and a reminder of how good today’s computer vision and photo analysis systems are.

Code & Tools

  • Dream Textures: A Blender plugin that lets you tap into Stable Diffusion to generate textures right from the shader editor.

Maker & Home Automation

  • Adafruit’s 3D Parts Repo: A very cool resource from Adafruit with a library of 3D parts that are printable, customizable, and remixable for a huge variety of common electronic parts. Includes Fusion 360, STLs, and other formats.