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Code & Tools

  • Tailscale: I meant to link to this weeks ago, but I’ve been impressed with this service. It’s a VPN service that’s is entirely peer-to-peer in it’s topology. Clever conceptually, and potentially very interesting if they can make it enterprise friendly. I do run my own Wireguard server at home, but I’ve been playing with Tailscale and am debating if I should move more use cases over.

Maker & Home Automation

  • Hot glue tip from Adafruit: You can clean it up with isopropyl alcohol, which I didn’t know. That makes it useful as temporary cushion, which I also didn’t know. Nice tips.
  • Menlo Micro switches on an opportunity for its tech to be in every device you touch: I’m currently reading Fadell’s book, Build. He’s mentioned his investment into Menlo Micro in a few interviews, which launched me into a mini rabbit hole about relays and why they’re so big. I’ve taken apart my share of smart plugs (in order to flash open source firmware onto the MCU)… the relay is easily the biggest thing in the case, let alone on the circuit board. Never thought about their power consumption. I hope this tech is for real. Could be huge.