Hope you all had a good week. I finally got to visit my sister after 2 years of this pandemic, so was finally able to meet my youngest nephew for the first time. Suffice to say, I had a great week.

Because of the travel, though, my reading was less about tech this week, more about the world at large.

A little postscript on those last two links: Every serious company investing money in tech for journalism - from The New York Times to the Post to a dozen other companies & non-profits - are thinking of success the way Facebook and Twitter and Uber do: scale by aggregation. That includes aggregation of both traffic and monetization. This feels wrong, at least if they hope to solve the trust issues. I feel like people have more authentic conversations in small groups and trust more easily without national attention. Think back to the Doctorow thread and the wind farm controversy I linked to over the last few weeks. Similar threads in both, in my opinion - points to some idea that maybe we can’t solve with an algorithmically scaled system. (also, Dunbar’s number seems relevant here…)