(note: this is the first of a new weekly post where I’m going to aggregate interesting things that cross my feeds. Monday posts with links pulled together over the week prior.)

  • The Pareto Funtier: If you’re looking for an explanation of why NFTs/Bitcoin/Ethereum/etc have what seem like irrational value movement, this is article is the closest I’ve come to going, “Ok, I can kinda see that, and it’s actually an optimistic view on things I actually care about.”
  • Embrace the 10-foot space: An article from our Disney+ teams focused on the living room experience. A good rundown of the types of things that matter.
  • IMAX Enhanced: A Disney Streaming leader mentioned the 10-foot article in the context of sound design. Disney+ launched IMAX Enhanced versions of some Marvel and Star Wars titles, and I was curious what that branding/certification meant. Might be time to upgrade the sound at home…